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On behalf of all the kids in Harris County that we so humbly serve, we are honored to be chosen as the nonprofit partner for the ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Showhouse!


It is with Awe, Humility and Love that we seek to provide Aha! moments to the under resourced kids in our communities. Aha! is a learning experience, in which kids not only get help with schoolwork, but also get to explore things like nature, music and art; subjects they don’t get in school.


But our true focus is creating an environment where kids are encouraged to be curious about the world around them, and to help them gain the ability to achieve more, do more and be more than they ever imagined.


We’ve found that within the right environment these Aha! moments can occur. Just as the ASID Showhouse and all the talented designers create environments where we can all find ourselves in the Aha! moments – big and small. Aha! A small word with a powerful voice. A word that carries endless meanings—some that speak to all of us, some that are incredibly personal.


We hope that everyone who experiences the ASID Showhouse encounters something special and is inspired that a moment that stays with you........


Because once we’ve experienced an Aha! Moment, it stays with us forever.

Kind Regards,

Lon Tiemann

For more information and how to get involved:  

Aha! is strength

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Aha! is that “bing bing bing! sound that goes off in your head” 

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